I recently created and launched an innovative outreach program designed to connect graduate students and postdocs at Harvard University with high school and middle school science teachers in the greater Boston area, for educational enrichment services in the life sciences. Participating grad students and postdocs self-select the services they are willing to provide, and teachers can search the site to find outreach opportunities for their students or themselves. Gradwagon launched in the fall of 2012, with the support of the Harvard Life Sciences Outreach Program, and the response has been terrific! We currently have 31 participating grad students and postdocs, and the teacher requests have been rolling in. Check out the site here: www.gradwagon.org.

The B-side

B-side banner

Several years ago I began developing a second side of my website, The B-side, in which I try to explain my research and the tools I use in an easily accessible way. My hope is that this information will help the layperson, as well as the young scientist, better understand the how's and why's of the research conducted in our lab.

Pacific Science Center



With the help of my labmates at the University of Washington, I developed an educational video to accompany the Tropical Butterfly House exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. We brought our high-speed color video cameras over to the center in downtown Seattle and recorded their butterflies in action. We captured some great flight sequences that showcase impressive aerial maneuvers, and also raise a variety of interesting questions about butterfly behavior and locomotion.



The Science Center also asked us to capture high-speed video sequences of a variety of flying insects for another video exhibit. We collected some nice shots of dragonflies, ladybugs and honeybees...check out my Movies page for a few selected sequences.